Embryo Biopsy Services

Embryos are biopsied by our experienced
embryologists using micromanipulation techniques

PGS begins with an embryo biopsy, performed by an experienced embryologist on day 3 through 6 of embryo development. Embryos are biopsied using micromanipulation techniques, removing one to a few cells, depending upon the stage of embryo development, without impacting the further development of the embryo. Once these cells are taken, they are sent here to PacGenomics for PGS testing, to reduce the risk of chromosomal disorders and to select the most suitable embryo to transfer for a healthy pregnancy.

Because we have the most capable and knowledgeable team at PacGenomics, our lab director and chief embryologist, Dr. Man Li (HCLD) is happy to provide biopsy services and training upon request for IVF clinics everywhere. Please contact us if you are interested in these services.

These Pictures Demonstrate Day-5 Blastocyst Biopsy