Optimized, High-Resolution
Array CGH Platform

Using the best molecular tools available today, our array CGH platform is
the clearest, most transparent, high resolution choice for PGT-A

PGT-A with 24-Chromosome Array CGH


At PacGenomics, we have engineered the highest resolution microarray platform on the market, bringing to you the most accurate results with the greatest confidence. With our CAP accreditation, CLIA certification, and New York State license, you have the certainty that we are held to the most rigorous standards by both the industry and ourselves.

Our platform uses synthetic oligonucleotides immobilized on a glass surface, with oligonucleotide probes measuring 45-85 nucleotides in length. The higher resolution for copy number is achieved due to the higher probe density and greater hybridization efficiency than the other arrays on the market. The density is 20-60 times higher than that of the most commonly usedPGT-A microarrays on the market, giving you greater confidence in your patient’s results.

The Advantages of PacGenomics Microarray-Based
24 Chromosome PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy):

  • Higher Resolution and Detection

    Our oligonucleotide array has higher resolution due to the uniquely designed set of individual, smaller, closely spaced 60,000-180,000 oligonucleotide probes spaced across the genome, which provide high fidelity even under the stringent conditions necessary when genomic material is limited. Other array platforms on the market boast of 2,000-3,000 probes across the genome. With the increased number and advanced design of probes, we at PacGenomics are able to detect vastly more information from the same regions of DNA, giving you the greatest reliability and dependability of our results. With this increased resolution, we are able to detect deletions and duplications as small as 1.8-3Mb (million base pairs), versus 10 Mb typically promised by other platforms. Think of the information that can be gathered with this superior technology!

  • Transparency

    We know that you and your patients are trusting our lab for important clinical decisions, and that you value confidence in how chromosomal calls are made. To provide the utmost transparency for counseling patients, a log2 ratio chart (see below) is provided along with a written interpretation for every sample sent to our lab.

  • Fast Turn Around Time

    With our optimized Quick Protocol, we can release results 6 ½-8 hours after receiving samples, the fastest turn around time available today. We are happy to use this service to assist your fresh transfer cases!

  • Patient Friendly Service and Pricing

    At PacGenomics, your patients are our patients. We are here to assist and make the IVF/PGT-A process as seamless as possible for your patients. We also believe that PGT-A should be both available and affordable to all patients. For this reason, we offer the best pricing and options so both patients planning for single or multiple cycles can be accommodated. We offer both batching and per embryo pricing at the most competitive rates.

  • Practice Friendly Model

    We want to make the PGT-A process as easy on your practice as possible, so unless you request otherwise, we arrange all shipping and can bill any way you choose. 

Log2 Ratio Chart