Medi-Cal COVID-19 Testing Uninsured Coverage Application

Complete this application to get help paying for certain coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, testing-related, and treatment costs. The health coverage you will get if you are found eligible using this application will only pay for medical tests for coronavirus. Uninsured applicants only. ONLY those people who lack health insurance will qualify for this coverage. Please be 100% truthful in your answers to these questions, so those people in the greatest need will have funds to help protect them.

Requirement To Be Approved

You MUST provide your SSN (Social Security Number) in order to qualify for this emergency relief program. Medi-CAL will pay 100% of the testing costs for you.

If you have a Social Security number (SSN) you must provide it when you are applying for this Medi-CAL COVID TESTING health coverage for yourself. Medi-Cal will run your Social Security number (SSN) to check your income and other information to see if you are eligible to get help paying for health coverage. You may be eligible for some coverage even if you do not have an SSN.