Cancer Screening

Changing the future of cancer management
through personalized medicine

Our cancer screening tool is an innovative approach to cancer management, detection, and companion diagnosis, reflecting decades of clinical research and collaboration with academic researchers. Personalized management of cancer is the holy grail of cancer research. Several genetic testing laboratories have recently piloted the use of “liquid biopsies” that enable sequencing of fragmented DNA found from circulating tumor cells (so called circulating tumor DNA or ctDNA), enabling cancer detection through the presence of specific mutation sequences. While this approach is gaining ground, a more nuanced view is imagined through the successful isolation of circulating tumor cells, from which the entire cancer cell genome can be accessed. The ability to harness the genomic information obtained in these single cells is a fundamental tool to designing a personalized cancer treatment strategy.

We use a novel cell enrichment technology to isolate rare circulating tumor cells from blood, then utilizes a series of immunocytochemistry staining reactions, with automated detection of the target cells for excision with Laser Capture Microdissection.

After amplification of DNA from these rare single circulating tumor cells, the possibilities for downstream genetic analysis are limitless.

Our collaborators have piloted the protocol in patients with prostate, melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer.


We are now launching a full-scale clinical validation effort to transfer this breakthrough from the bench to the bedside, and are eagerly awaiting our clinical launch. PacGenomics is uniquely suited to this work, given our extensive expertise in generating clinically actionable information from single cells.