Embryo Biopsy Services

Embryos are biopsied by our
experienced embryologists
using micromanipulation techniques

Embryo biopsy is a procedure used to obtain sample cells from an embryo for PGT analysis. PGT is a test performed to analyze the DNA from embryos (cleavage or blastocyst stage).

PacGenomics provides Embryo Biopsy Services through our experienced embryologists, including Dr. Man Li, Ph.D., HCLD.

Dr. Li is a renowned and highly experienced embryologist with an impressive background in teaching techniques to embryologists across the country, including instruction during the Southern California Biopsy Workshop held in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Man Li also performs all biopsies in-house for the number one rated IVF laboratory in the United States with the highest live birth rate per transfer (CDC 2016).

PacGenomics provides embryo biopsy training to IVF clinics upon request. Contact info@pacgenomics.com for more details.

These Pictures Demonstrate Day-5 Blastocyst Biopsy