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with Novel Approaches to Single-Cell Genomics

Next Generation Sequencing

With so many choices today PacGenomics offers
the most robust platform with up to 3 million reads per sample

PacGenomics offers the industry’s highest quality and most comprehensive PGT-A platform. This quality in testing is accompanied by the fastest standard turnaround time along with an ability to provide next day results for rush cases. At PacGenomics, we offer the most competitive rates as we believe every patient should have access to quality testing at an affordable price.



Preimplantation Genetic
Testing for Aneuploidy

Our comprehensive platform covers over 90% of the genome examining all 24 chromosomes including autosomes 1-22 and the sex chromosomes (X,Y)



Next Generation

PacGenomics’ customized in-house NGS platform provides the industry’s highest resolution results through increased read lengths and sequencing cycles.


High Resolution
Array CGH

Our uniquely designed high probe density CGH array platform provides increased fidelity to ensure reliable results.


Embryo Biopsy

An essential component
of the PGT-A process

PacGenomics’ renowned lab director, Dr. Man Li, provides biopsy and training services upon request to IVF clinics everywhere.


Genetic Counseling

Empowering Your
Patients’ Decisions

We provide patient access to a board-certified genetic counselor to help navigate the world of genetics.