PGT Testing

The PacGenomics Difference

  • Superior Quality PGT Testing

  • Shorter Turnaround Time

  • Highly Affordable

Higher Quality PGT

Single Cell(s) Whole-Genome Amplification

PacGenomics scientific team of professionals work intensively to incorporate high-quality WGA methods into our PGT platforms. At PacGenomics, we have tested multiple different WGA methods and, following a comparison of the test results, we selected the WGA with the highest genome coverage (> 90%) and the lowest noise levels subsequent to testing.

As a comparison, the genome coverage of other PGT laboratories is 30 – 40%

Library Preparation Automation
At PacGenomics, we utilize multiple Robotic systems to perform library preparation and normalizations.

  • Fully automated library preparation is used to prepare samples in a consistent manner to reduce human error.
  • Fully automated library preparation is used to reduce bench work time.
  • Fully automated library preparation is used to reduce labor cost.

DNA Whole-Genome Sequencing

Characteristics of PacGenomics NGS-based PGT:
Higher sensitivity to detect smaller chromosomal abnormalities due to a higher number of reads per sample:

  • For standard PGT testing at PacGenomics, the smallest detectable segmental chromosomal abnormality is 3.5mb, which yields a greater sensitivity than that of other laboratories’ NGS-based PGT Testing.
  • PacGenomics laboratory is equipped with multiple NGS sequencers to ensure a higher number of reads per sample and shorter turnaround time.

As a comparison, other PGT laboratories’ sensitivities to detect small segmental chromosomal abnormalities are 10 – 15mb.


Shorter Turnaround Time

  • The turnaround time for PacGenomics standard PGT is 5 business days.
  • For clinics that require a fresh transfer, we provide NGS-based PGT results with a turnaround time of 13 hours (with a 6 hour hands-on protocol). This swift and efficient time frame is faster than that of other laboratories’ PGT.


PacGenomics clinical molecular laboratory provides affordable PGT to patients undergoing IVF.