• Our Mission is to Help Families Conceive and Deliver Healthy Babies

  • Using the Latest and Most Innovative Genomic Technology

PacGenomics offers the industry’s highest quality and most comprehensive PGT platform. This quality in testing is accompanied by the fastest standard turnaround time along with an ability to provide next day results for rush cases. At PacGenomics, we offer the most competitive rates as we believe every patient should have access to quality testing at an affordable price.



Preimplantation Genetic Testing
for Aneuploidies

Increase your chances of implantation.
In our hands, a few cells can
transform clinical care.


Embryo Biopsy

An essential component
of the PGT process

PacGenomics renowned chief
embryologist, Dr. Man Li, provides biopsy
and training to IVF clinics.


Genetic Counseling

your decisions

Speak with a board-certified
genetic counselor and get the
information and support you need.