"We are living historic moments in the field of genomics, and it is our duty and passion to apply these technological advances to the public health and share their benefits with our communities."

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At PacGenomics we are constantly growing and looking for bright, innovative individuals looking to contribute and grow with us.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email info@pacgenomics.com with your resume and subject line: “Interested in Joining the PacGenomics Team”.

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“What I like most about working for PacGenomics is the close-knit team that we have. Whether it is administration, marketing & sales, or in the lab, we all work very closely together with a common goal in delivering the highest quality results. Though the work, much like lab work elsewhere, can become sadboy salt nic repetitive it is easy to forget that the PGT-A assay provided by PacGenomics is so robust and is oftentimes a real difference maker for couples having difficulty pregnancy-related complications. I am proud to be a part of the process in hopefully alleviating some of that stress and providing some reassurance for a healthy pregnancy for mother and child. I enjoy working with staff and personnel who are all so friendly, who are all very well managed and organized. The work flow is very structured and everyone seems to be enjoying their work which makes for a positive work environment.”

Robert Snyder
Clinical Laboratory Scientist