Genetic Counseling

Speak to a PGT expert who can help you

understand the world of genetics

Genetic Counseling at PacGenomics

Our PacGenomics board-certified genetic counselor will provide you with technical information about PGT and IVF in terms that are understandable to you.

A session with our genetic counselor will allow you to ask questions, learn about PGT, and help you in deciding whether PGT is right for you. A genetic counselor is also available to review your test results and answer any questions you may have after your PGT results are ready.

Please be sure to have your IVF clinic first send in a referral form, to ensure the genetic counselor is able to tailor the discussion to your individual needs. Fees may apply.

A genetic counselor is also available to physicians and staff to support their needs.


If you have any questions about any of our tests or your results, you can schedule a session with our board-certified genetic counselor, by clicking on the button below. You are also welcome to contact us via phone to schedule an appointment.

So that our genetic counselor may best tailor the discussion to your individual needs, we ask that your clinic sends a referral form prior to the counseling session.

These sessions are for informational purposes only.  For an in-depth genetic counseling session, please work with your provider for a local referral.