Lian Liu, MD


Before PacGenomics, Dr. Liu was a co-founder and CEO of PGD Science, Inc., a well-known FISH-based PGT-A company based in Southern California, which is now partnered with PacGenomics. Dr. Liu has in-depth genomics knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in embryo biopsy and PGT-A for IVF. Dr. Liu received his M.D. degree from Tongji Medical University in China and practiced neurosurgery prior to co-founding PGD Science, Inc. He leads the PacGenomics team with his innovative spirit and desire to improve the status quo of health care services through single-cell technologies.


Lab Director, Chief Embryologist

Dr. Li is a certified High-Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD) in the discipline of molecular diagnostics, with extensive experience in the field of genetics and molecular biology and is also a certified High-Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD) in the discipline of embryology and andrology. She holds a New York State PGD (molecular) director certificate.Her research on timely aneuploidy screening has profoundly impacted biopsy timing in the field of IVF-PGT-A. Her team’s work revealed that aneuploidy screening at the cleavage stage did not accurately predict the chromosomal constitution of blastocyst, leading to the development of methods for screening embryos at this later stage.
She is a nationally renowned embryologist and well-respected expert in ICSI and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Dr. Li has been teaching embryo biopsy since 2003, formerly through national course offerings with ART Reproductive Center, Inc., and served as the director of PGD Science, Inc. before she assumed her leadership role atPacGenomics. Dr. Li was trained in the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Zhongshan University Medical School in China, and received her M.D. in 1990 and her PhD in 1998. Dr. Li was a fully licensed physician specializing in reproductive endocrinology in China before she immigrated to the US on an EB-1 visa as an “outstanding scientist.” She was among the first REI physician scientists performing ICSI (as early as 1994) in China.

Kathryn Chemaine Bouchard, MD, MLS(ASCPi)CM

Lab Manager

Kathryn is a clinical laboratory scientist with years of experience in the field of clinical molecular biology with emphasis on automated instrumentation and process improvement. She has a doctorate degree in medicine with an extensive knowledge in clinical laboratory application. She holds a license in the state of California as a generalist. Her goal is to apply her knowledge and skills in the development of solutions for the improvement of health outcomes and the betterment of the quality of life.