PGT-SR Plus®

PGT-SR Plus® is a subsequent test to PGT-SR providing you with even more options.

PGT-SR Plus® with PacGenomics

PGT-SR Plus® is a subsequent test to PGT-SR that is used to differentiate between normal and balanced translocation carrier embryos in translocation cases.

PGT-SR-Plus® can easily be added to PacGenomics’ PGT-SR screening protocol, which has a successful record of identifying translocation carriers among patients who are not initially suspected to be at significant risk.

PGT-SR-Plus® does not require patient-specific probes to be built for testing.1 Therefore, the turnaround time is not affected by the unique additional information offered with this platform.

Here’s how it works

PGT-SR Plus is a two-step testing process. First, PGT-SR is performed to screen for embryos that do not carry an unbalanced translocation. Results are then sent to your physician to be reviewed together with you. If results show there are euploid or balanced translocation embryos, you may choose to proceed with PGT-SR Plus.

PGT-SR Plus is performed to determine which embryos carry a balanced translocation and which do not. These results are again sent to your physician where you may then select which embryo(s) to transfer.

1 Further, for most translocation screening cases at PacGenomics, an affected individual as a reference sample is not needed. Rare situations may arise (depending on the number of available embryos for testing) that prevent our team from conducting PGT-SR-Plus® testing on PGT-SR screened embryos.

PGT-SR Plus® can easily be added to PacGenomics PGT-SR protocol. Request more information for your physician.

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